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All around Me VDO Clip & Description

Yatai Japanese street food in Fukuoka
Sumiyoshi shrine Fukuoka
Southeast Asian Ceramics Museum
Tenjin Horumon Tepanyaki Fukuoka
Hotok korean street food











Craft at Home & รายละเอียดวิธีการทำของแต่ละคลิป

ทำริบบิ้นโลโก้ไว้ใช้เอง ใน 3 นาที Make your own ribbon labels in 3 minutes
งานฝีมือเก๋ๆ Leather Workshop ฝึกทำกระเป๋าหนังกับร้าน Awshare.co.kr
ย้อมสีผ้าให้สีสวย ติดทน ง่ายๆ เบสิคที่สุด









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My name is Alexio D. Yuthakitjamnong, I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer in Udonthani and also hostel owner of ThaiChaba Backpackers I love cooking, travelling, meeting new friends and sharing the experience of life. I like to meet people from other countries and shared travel experience. "Alexio D.Channel" is a channel that aim to show some interesting things around me like cooking, crafting, travelling or some cool people and work, which I managed every process by myself. And one more important thing is I am not fluent in English but try to improve it to communicate with you all well, so please forgive me if I say incorrect. I hope you enjoy my channel !!!

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